Sunday, April 27, 2008

Better Plastic

I am looking at U.S. News and World Report and there is an advertisement for BASF Chemical Co. Apparently, they have created a grocery bag that looks like plastic but is made out of "ecoflex" and is biodegradable. It lasts for a year and then biodegrades in a compost bin in weeks. That is wonderful, because with the reusable shopping bags, I am finding myself in a pinch for little bags to line the wastebaskets. You may remember my wastebaskets now are cardboard boxes in the right shapes instead of even more plastic that will last forever. Much of my greenness is rooted in cheapness, the two go hand in hand really. I was reading on line about making a compost bin in on e of those plastic totes. A wooden box would probably be better, but harder to afford.

Back to this BASF Company, after rummaging around on their website it seems that this plastic technology would be purchased by other companies to create whatever it is that they create out of plastic in the biodegradable form. I hope it is affordable for other companies and would require few changes in their processes, which would keep the costs down later for consumers. It seems a great idea, as with anything it needs it’s time.

On Oprah the other day Sandra Bullock (love her) was showing plastic utensils for her restaurant that are made out of potatoes and styrofoam to go boxes that were made out of sugar cane. She stated that they only cost a few cents more per piece, which could add up for a restaurant, but seemed so great. After that show, I found the silverware online for $3.95 a package. I wouldn’t pay the shipping but I would buy it in the store for sure. So I think there are some great ideas out there that are coming to fruition, and if consumers are given better choices, we will consume those right up too.

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