Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Big Give

Captain Hogwash was talking about Oprah on his blog. Which reminded me to tell you all of the adorable thing my daughter did today. She walked down to pick up the mail and told me I received a letter in the mail. (I, of course, conveniently ignored the fact that it is Sunday.) She handed me an envelope that said The Big Give on it. It is funny because she is in bed when the show is on, but she had heard me talking about it and seen the commercials. Inside were a bunch of little notes, little pieces of paper with stickers on them, and a fluorescent green index card. On the index card was written $300,000. It was so adorable; she was beaming and told me that she knew you would be excited if we got help, so I’m helping you. I said great, that is more than enough for us to buy a little house and a car. She got me dreaming, it would be so nice if both of those little things were taken care of - maybe I could relax and work on my book more than I am able to now. I wonder how it is going to feel when all of our dreams come true; I try to picture it in my mind. It will be even more intense than graduating college at 39. We can’t wait. Oh that reminds me I have to go and enter for the HGTV dream house ;-)

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