Sunday, April 20, 2008

Happy Passover

Today we begin our celebration of our escape from slavery in Egypt. We have a seder dinner with family or friends, and tell the story of our exodus from Egypt. We clean our kitchens and put away all of our regular food and eat food that is kosher for Passover for a week, which includes no leavening because when we escaped there was no time to bake bread we put it on our backs and it baked in the sun. That is why we eat matzo, which is delicious.

We only eat matzo for one week each year and that makes it special. I also personally only eat whipped butter a few other little treaties during Passover week too. It seems to me there is an important key for enjoying life here. To make things special perhaps it is not that we have them at all or not that we have them all of the time, but that we are able to keep things special by not having or doing them all the time. Matzo is special because it is once a year; holidays are special because they are once a year. If we didn’t take some things for granted everyday and saved particular items for special moments we’d be better off.

If we had beautiful paintings by our favorite artists on every wall, we may not appreciate one well placed, amazing piece. If people are like art, perhaps there are people we should remember to least once a year and call to say, “I remember you because you are special.” Happy Holiday. Happy Spring.

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