Sunday, April 20, 2008


Our friends put on a beautiful seder last night. It was a wonderful. My child found the afikomen (a hidden piece of matzo) and received $1 for her prize. At first, she wanted a ride to the dollar store to spend it immediately. I told her to think about what she wanted to do with it. As she is saving for an electric guitar and had mentioned earlier in the day that she wanted to do something for tzedakah (charity). On this new day her inner self prevailed and she has spent half of the morning going to all of the neighbors with a coffee can and a sign asking for donations to buy mosquito nets to send to families in Africa so they don’t get malaria. She started asking for $10, I had to explain to her, to let people give what they can, and we’ll keep going until we get the $10. The nets are ten dollars; she has raised $18.78 including her dollar and a couple of people said they would come see her later. Whatever she gets, I’ll round it up to the nearest ten, so I hope she will be able to buy three nets today. Good day! I am so proud to be her mother. What are you going to do with your dollar? (Check links on the right for nets or other ideas!


arnie draiman said...

excellent - i love the tzedakah angle. well done. i would be happy to give her a dollar as well.

now, be sure that the places you choose to list and give money to are efficient and effective users of your tzedakah money. don't let them waste 30% - 40% on overhead. check it out carefully.

arnie draiman
philanthropic consultant

Teacher mom said...

Excellent point. Nothing but Nets is a UN Foundation organized by the NBA, Sports Illustrated, the Union for Reform Judaism, and others. The $10 provides the net, infrastructure for distribution, and education on using the net. We are sending our donations with our Temple.

If you check their website they state: "The United Nations Foundation is a registered public charity under section 501(c) 3 of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code. 100% of your donation will go to providing nets for children in Africa, no portion of your donation will be diverted for administrative costs."

Thank you!