Sunday, April 6, 2008

Okay, weirdo internet stuff. I was cruising around on the internet as I often do, grown up fun I guess. I was checking out forensic DNA stuff, because I’m nosey and someone had an add on their site, so I clicked it. (I love ads. I don’t even know what I am interested in until I see it advertised!) There are actually DNA testing places where you can send in your loved one’s underpants to see if they are cheating on you. Is your boyfriend or girlfriend cheating on you? Find out. They can separate the loved ones DNA from their own DNA and let you know if there is excess DNA in the panties or boxers. Doesn’t that just take the cake? How jealous do you have to be to send your lover’s underwear to a lab to be tested? Not being a jealous person this makes me laugh. Who does this? Better question, don’t people shower? I bet people do this though. Perhaps this is the lab that tested Monica’s dress, and they figured they’d see if anyone else needed the same service. It is my thought that if you are in a relationship within which you feel the need to send your man’s or woman’s undies to the lab, that relationship is pretty much over anyway and it is time to move on. I might not be in a relationship but I do know the ones I see that work have some sort of a foundation in trust. Never mind fidelity just trust – Dearly beloved, I trust you will not send my skivvies to the lab. LOL

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Geoff. said...

Sadly there will be many customers for such a service; the spiteful, the distrusting and those looking for vengeance. Trust is all.