Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Snowy, snowy night...

It is midnight and I just got in from shoveling, getting a jumpstart on the morning, because we have very important early appointments. Yes, off to the hairdresser! Not rain, snow, sleet, or shine will cause the hairdresser to take us late or at an unscheduled time.

I wish you could all be me and have spent time at midnight in the snowstorm. It is so peaceful and dreamlike; I instantly felt the need to be as quiet as I could be to try to blend in with the night.

Instead of daytime shoveling, which is just a contest: Woman Vs. Snow - Don't shovel angry is my daytime motto. We seem to all be complaining because we have had so much this winter, but… This night, this snow, the time that I was just outside was incredible, it was bright out, not cold, and it was simply illusory.

All the dirty snow veiled under fresh powder for now, the air was moist, fresh, and comforting on my skin. After shoveling, I grabbed my camera so all could share what I saw with you and so I’ll remember, the peace, the urge to run upstairs and wake my daughter up to sit outside with me just to watch it float down from heaven until it lands, each flake reflecting a different star.
Good night and good vacation mojo from me to you.

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Geoff. said...

Catching the snowflakes in the middle photo is nice: I thought they were stars at first. Beautiful. It's sweltering down here in NZ.