Friday, February 22, 2008


Thank you J

I’m working on my taxes, second night in a row :(
I think I owe the government $37,000 the way I have it figured right now, or I have so many deductions I don't have any taxable income at all ;)
Screw it all - this year I’m runnin’ up to the Home Depot, I’m filing a WD40 and I’m done!
(After all, if it doesn’t squeak, don’t fix it.)

*I guarantee you all of the tax codes and worksheets are made by men. As American women if we made this, the directions would take a half a sheet of paper and would be easy to figure out. (Men making more for the same jobs would pay more.) And, of course clothes, shoes, hair products, make-up, and gas would all be deductible necessities. You would get an extra, "oh shit" bonus rebate for things like your car blowing up, serious hairdresser mistakes, child dumping grape juice on the new rug, and not having a pedicure or a massage in a year. College graduates would also get a "Congratulations, the US is so proud of you" bonus rebate upon graduation. I'm still looking for that line item, because the Hope Credit only works if you owe, what kind of joke is that?

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