Thursday, February 21, 2008

Seriously? Universe R U kidding?

Unbelievable as it may sound this morning I went out to warm up the mechanic's car. When I went back to get in - all the doors were locked! What kind of a car does that? I know I didn’t hit the lock getting out and I know I unlocked all the doors with the little button thingy, yes I did because how did I get in… So here I am 6:45locked out of a running car. Unbelievable. Un be lee vvv a bb ll e !!! I called AAA, “Do you help people two days in a row who are apparently having a bad time?” She laughed. They sent the tow truck guy over to unlock the car, priority because the car was running. Turns out it was the same guy who towed my car yesterday, and priority means an hour. I was late for work, thank goodness it was a special day and just missed doing my homeroom, and they found someone to cover it for me at the last minute. Still though, I can’t stand being late, I haven’t been late yet all year until today. It just doesn’t look good.
I spoke to the mechanic this afternoon and it is really, really bad news so far. He will confirm it later. But he said there is oil running everywhere and he put two quarts in and it ran right out – So I need a head, which means a completely new motor, and a $1500, 1996 car is not worth putting a new motor in, especially since I put a new motor in three years ago. So now what, I can’t afford a new car. Do I get another $1500 car and take a chance, do I get a newer used car with a small payment, if I can. New car, used car, newer used car, old car, new car, used car, newer used car, old car, new car, used car, newer used car, old car, new car, used car, newer used car, old car… Ahhhhhhh

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Geoff. said...

Hi there found your blog by accident. Sorry about your car, mine's just done the same!! Buy a used one, but remember that all you're paying for is the unused mileage. New ones lose money as soon as they leave the showroom.