Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Todays Lesson: Leave the Keys With the Car!

Well, my car blew up today. Ok, didn’t blow up, exploded perhaps. Actually, when I saw my car I knew something was seriously wrong, just not how soon the car would actually self-destruct. My water pump was going, so in the morning I had filled up the antifreeze. When I reached my car in the parking lot at work, there was a neon green puddle five feet by five feet under my car. My first thought was, “Oh, shit, they are going to know it is me because we have assigned spaces. And that is a mess.” I got in and drove out; it’s not as if I could clean it up. My second thought was to make sure my water pump was on order. I had an appointment on Saturday to get it installed; I am trying to limp the old girl along for another year. I don’t want a car payment until I buy our dream house. Just so when I apply for a mortgage, I don’t have that much coming out if my check, you know. Anyway, I called my mechanic and left a message to remind him to order my water pump, and told him about the puddle. I just figured the puddle was a reminder to me to remind him. I drove about a half a mile more after I hung up and POP, like a huge booming pop sound. Less than a second after the tremendously loud pop, smoke was pouring out behind the car, then surrounding the passenger compartment, and then pouring out from the hood and into the car. It stunk like burning rubber. Luckily, there was a shoulder on the road, so I pulled right over, shut her off, grabbed my purse, and got the heck outta there. I thought it was on fire. I’ve overheated before but this was nothing like that, the amount of smoke was incredible. As I watched the car the smoke just dissipated. Thank goodness it wasn’t on fire. Then I remembered I had triple A. Remembering that the worry lifted a bit, I am so glad my father advised me to get that. I purchased it two months ago, right on-line for $60. I called my friend at school to see if he'd be driving by soon, and he asked a teacher who was coming by to pick me up and drive me home. thank you! When I got home I called the police to let them know where I left my car, and then I called triple A. It was so lovely, except being a novice and in a stress/panic mode; I didn’t know I had to leave the keys with the car. Oh Man! Duh. I should have thought of that! I finally got myself home out of the cold, and now needed to turn around and find a way back to the car and then home again. Grrrr. They wouldn’t come until the keys were in the car. Therefore, an hour later when my kindly friend had to pass my car on the way home, she dropped my key in it, and I called them back. They showed up about 45 minutes late. The first 5 miles of towing were free and then additional miles were only $3.00 per mile. The last time I had my car towed 2 miles it cost $120. In conclusion, today made my $60 worth it! So get AAA if you don’t have it, and wish me luck with the old car.

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