Sunday, February 10, 2008

Go Bratz

One of our little friends had a birthday party today, and I want to give accolades about the gift we gave… I am so proud of the company that makes Bratz dolls. It was a Flower Girlz Bratz doll and it said on the package, “Stop Global Warming” and “Save the Earth, Plant a Tree.” It came with a seed and a little flowerpot. My daughter saw it first and said, “Mom we have to get this!” As soon as I read the package, I had to agree. Teaching our young children about the environmental problems they are going to inherit is imperative. Teaching them early on what the problems are, what the causes are, and what we think the solutions will be allows them to start their brilliant little minds early, get into better habits than we have, and to definitely call us on things we are doing that add to the problems. I really am proud of any company who help children understand what is going on and that there is hope and the hope lies with them. When they grow up they will be naturally green and it won't even be a thought they need to have, it will just be in their nature. Yay Bratz and Happy Birthday C.W.

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Kevin said...

That's awesome! Which Bratz character did you get? I have Bratz Flower Girlz! Nora, and I'll maybe plant her seeds this coming summer of 2008.