Monday, February 18, 2008

Can't sleep... musings

Here I am again, love is like sleep - elusive.

I can't sleep in this comfy bed, with my warm clean blankets and pillows, in my safe heated house. I am a queen. I am a rich queen. I am a grateful rich queen.

I wonder how many people died today...
I wonder how and why...
I wonder could their deaths have been avoided...
I wonder how many people are crying now because someone they loved died today...
I wonder how many kids will wake up tomorrow to find out a loved one is gone...

I hope nobody died today.
I hope nobody cries tomorrow.
I hope all children wake up with a smile.
I hope someone saves someone.
I hope I make a difference.


Aids epidemic
Food crisis
Racial tension
Intelligent uneducated
Compassion wanted
Aid needed

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