Saturday, February 23, 2008


I have been a bit negative the past couple of days. How negative it is to feel sorry for oneself and to feel that circumstances are against you, which doesn’t get one anywhere, except down. Although hows and whys are not ours to always know, feeling like a victim of circumstances, or a victim of an old car whose time had come is useless. If everything happens for a reason and there is a higher power, than who knows why what happened happened, certainly not because I am a bad person, or to diminish me in any way.
Besides having to buy a car, being late for work was the worst part of it all because I want to make a good impression. Things happen; it is how we handle the things that matters and I should have called the school earlier, although I did call just in time.
In retrospect, things may not be as they seemed at all. Perhaps it's not just a coincidence that my motor blew up that afternoon; what if it was a way of getting me off the road the next day. Then I borrowed a car and was ready to get out on the road at the same time I am everyday anyway and G-d or the Universe (whichever term you chose) had to find another way to get me off the road.
Perhaps my motor exploding and the car locking itself while running were all part of some plan intended to help me, and I took it as a setback. It could be, as not all things are known to us, these things were sent to be a help. Interesting thought isn’t it… Have a spiritual day!
OMG Or, it never had anything to do with helping me, maybe I was going to crash into someone else that morning and the Universe was saving them. Which could be considering that the day before I spent and hour and a half getting a car insurance quote, but I didn't buy it. And well now there is no point. But maybe all of this happened so I didn't hit and hurt someone else...Hmmmm...

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